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85% of banking websites are not ready for AI enhanced SEO, user experience and compliance. We make it easy to target and convert more ideal customers on your website.

Better visibility through customized SEO

Personalized data protection compliant content

Budget optimization and cost savings

4 Key challenges. One solution.

We individually optimize your website without code changes.

AI-enhanced SEO and Visibility

You don‘t need to be an SEO expert.
Get up to 300% more qualified traffic and rank up to 70% better. Get more visibility and attention. We also analyze your main competitors and your traffic sources. Optimizing the website for relevant topics and keywords can attract higher quality visitors.

Experience and Content

Provide personalized and converting content
By conducting user experience (UX) and customer loyalty (CX) analysis, weak points and potential for improvement in digital processes and services can be identified. 1:1 personalized experiences can be created for customers and customer satisfaction can be achieved through seamless, user-friendly interaction with digital products and services. Satisfied users are more likely to stay with the bank or use additional services.

Technology and Performance

Your fast and secure website builds trust
A technically up-to-date and error-free website is essential to create trust among users. Faulty or outdated technologies can lead to security issues and negative user experiences. A well-maintained website is also necessary to ensure that it functions smoothly and that no technical problems arise. And speed ​​is crucial for a positive user experience.

Data protection and compliance

Comply with new data protection regulations
Ensure that website, marketing technologies and future AI applications comply with legal requirements. Data protection-compliant approaches help to gain customer trust, protect your company’s reputation and avoid high fines.

Trusted by some of the most
successful companies in

We have been a pioneer in the area of ​​innovation and optimization of digital experiences and services in banks and insurance companies for many years and have been able to work with some of the most successful and digitally leading companies in Switzerland.

Your advantage with us

Cost savings and optimization of your budget for SEO, website and marketing/customer acquisition

Maximize your local marketing efforts, get greater visibility and positive attention for your brand online

Faster customer acquisition, higher conversion and customer retention rates

Data protection-compliant content and marketing for top reputation, customer trust and legal certainty

Fast ROI, from analysis to implementation within just 3 days, from inception to results in less than 3 months

Our approach



Comprehensive page & touchpoint analysis, competitor benchmark and content analysis

Tech and SEO insights for further optimization


Concept Workshop

Definition of ideal customer profile and matching personalized content for better customer lifetime value

Workshop for optimization and derivation of suitable SEO topics and consideration/use of AI for SEO



Strategic mobile-first optimization of text and image content for defined topics and keywords, avoiding duplicate content, in accordance to new DSG compliance, for home and topic pages including testing and customization

Optional: Online Marketing Optimization

Creative marketing campaigns at the touch of a button. 10x faster and cheaper thanks to AI. Fully compliant.

Get ready to get better onine visibility
and more happy customers

We‘ll create a free SEO ROI analysis for your website and show you the best practices to make your online presence futureproof. With SEO and content that can dramatically increase conversion.